So, you want to know more about me huh? Well. Here it goes :).
My name is Kayla and I'm fifteen years old. I'm a Virgo. I fit the complete description of a Virgo, It's quite scary. I live in Maine and have for my whole life. I find it boring, there isn't much to do here. I live in a REALLY small town. I was a sophomore in High School but right now I am not in school. I am taking Adult Ed next year. Long Story ;x But let's just say I was a bad kid. I was never in school and when I was, I was in class goofing off. I had a lot of distractions. I am glad I'm taking Adult Ed. I'm away from the drama and I can finally do work. I live with my mom, dad & 19 year old brother. I also have a dog named Sly & a cat named Simon. I love them to death! I don't have any real friends since most cause mayhem and would stab you in the back in a heartbeat. However I do have one best friend who I would call my sister. She moed our Freshman year so I have been a bit lonely. I have all older friends and write to all older people, I get along with them better. I am pretty mature for my age but I have my down falls. Everyone does :) I'm really loud once you get to know me. I usually cannot shut up. But that's a good thing because that goes to show I'm comfortable around you. Usually I don't like meeting new people face to face so penpalling makes it easier. I don't trust many people. I'm very opinionated and stand up for my beliefs but also accept others. I'm Irish, that's by far the best heritage. I'm Atheist but I was brought up as a Christian. Perhaps I'll regret it later. I am completely fascinated with Finland, Ireland & Austrailia. I mean... my two favorite bands are from Finland :P Of course I love it. I am a really great listener and I'm loyal. I try to give advice even though I may not always be good at it.

I've been penpalling for four years and I love it. I am always accepting long letter penpals from the USA (due to postage). I'm only writing to females at this time, sorry. I swap pretty much anything from postcards to candy to mix cds to fbs, slams & lyrix. I write pretty long letters, I babble a lot. My letters are never shorter then two pages, I find that a waste of a stamp. The longest letter I ever wrote was like twelve pages *Didn't you like it Lisa?* Yeah it was nice. I am looking for a penpal with the same interests as me, but it's not a bad thing. We may still get along right?! Also someone who babbles and writes long letters. Someone perferably older then me as I have written the same age as me and younger and it just never clicked. Like I said, I'm looking for new penpals so if you want e-mail me and send me a nice long introduction and we'll go from there =D

My Likes:
rain. message boards. webdesign. writing. penpalling. quotes. lyrics. photography. blogging. ville valo. bam margera. autographs. wolves. animals. scrapbooking. zines. reading. drawing. music. thunder storms. hanging out with friends. basketball & basketball games. looking at the stars. long walks at night. shopping. wicca. paranormal. witches. travelling. halloween. swimming. laundro. happy bunny. starbucks. denny's seasoned fries. football & football games. the 95. movies. chick flicks. curling up on a saturday and watching a movie. pjs. mall. cky. chocolate. alcohol. tattoos. piercings. toungue rings. eyeliner. sleeping. ghosts. skateboarding. snowboarding. motocross. darkness. kerry getz. tosh townsend. tim o' connor.

him. eminem. 69 eyes. cky. death cab for cutie. blood hound gang. brand new. smile empty soul. korn. story of the year. candle box. nightwish. finch. aiden. 10 years. halifax. pantera. avenge sevenfold. 50 cent. coheed && cambria. papa roach. something corporate. green day. orgy. staind. unwritten law. flogging molly. seether. cradle of filth. funeral for a friend. from first to last. atreyu. the distillers. opeth. clutch. unscarred. tomorrows tragedy. negative. senses fail. honeywell. rites of spring. alexz johnson. incubus. linkin park. breaking benjamin. mudvayne. disturbed. slipknot. placebo. kill hannah. silverstein. this providence. thrice. the faint. usurp. verbal narcotics. the hated. the killers. blink 182. soad. new found glory. the postal service. matchbook romance. apocalyptica. live. moss icon. macabre. cattle decapitation. reach 454. dashboard confessional. rancid. the veronicas. nickelback. daniel lioneye. rasmus. fireball ministry. turbonegro. slayer. children of bodom. helltrain. atrocity. anethema.