There are rules before you can view the Penpal Page. You MUST read all of them!

1. Fill out EVERYTHING. I put the questions there for a reason. It will help you out by letting the people who view the pages know more about you. Remember, the more you put about yourself the more chances you can find a great friend!

2. Absolutely NO Men!! Sorry, but this is a ladies only webpage. Your entry will be deleted so don't waste your time.

3. Post in YOUR age range. Keep it so it's easier to find penpals. If your 15 don't write an entry in the 60 and up book!

4. Don't use any Capital letters. It's considered SHOUTING. And many people find it annoying. If you use caps too much in an entry, it will be deleted.

5. I am not responsible for any inappropriate mail you receive. You take your chances giving out your snail mail address!

6. Now that you read the rules I really hope you abide by them and find yourself a really great penpal!

7. To make sure you even read the rules click the period in rule number four.

Thanks for reading now continue.