Sticker Bags
Sticker Bags are bags that are made with either actual ziploc bag or an envelope. You can also make different kinds of envelopes to hold the stickers. You place your name and address and the person who it is made for on the front of the ziploc or envelope.

Don't forget to put directions on the front of the envelope either such as 'Place 6 stickers in the bag and take out 3.' Also don't forget to make a sign in on the back of the bag/envelope so people can sign in with their address or name.

Don't take all the stickers out when you get a sticker bag and keep them. That's lame.

Label Bags
Label Bags are just like Sticker Bags but with labels. On the front of the envelope don't forget to put your address and the address for who it's by. Then write the directions such as 'Take out 5 labels of everyone in the bag and make them label bags, fbs, slams or decos. Then place 10 of your labels.'

When you take out other people's labels make them anything from other Label Bags to Fbs to Slams. Don't forget to make a sign in on the back of the envelope.