A/A - Answer All
FB - Friendship Book
A/A - Answer All
A/M - Answers most
A/O - Answers only
A/S - Answer some
BD - Birth date
DOB - Date of birth
EMS - E-mail soon
ICR - I can return {People who are willing to return a FB, Slam, Lyrix etc to the owner.}
LL - Long letter
LLP - Long letter pals
LLO - Long letters only
No chains - Do not send chain letters
NPW - New pals wanted
NSW - New swappers wanted
F/O - Female Only
M/O - Male Only
No Cons - No Criminals
No Jail - No Prisoners
PC - Post card
SNNP - Sorry no new pals
SWA - Swaps with all
A/A/A - Answer All Ages
C/ - Collects
C/T - Collects/Trades
F/P/O - Foreign Pals Only
F/S - Friendship Sheet
J/P/T - Just Passing Through
SNNS - Sorry No New Swappers
S/L/P - Short Letter Pals
S/S/A/E - Self Stamped Addressed Envelope
T/ - Trades