Slams are like Friendship Books but with questions to answer. They are to get to know your penpals or fellow penpals. They are also fun to fill out if you like answering questions.

When making a Slam always include:

Who it is made for by simply same Slam For or For and then their address and their information if you know it. If you want to make one for yourself just says For & By and add your own information. Don't forget the date!

You can have themes of slams so pick one you want. You can also be original and make your own theme. Below are some that I have either made or seen:

Favorite Foods - Put pictures of different foods from magazines and ask them if it seems apealing or not.
Music - Put a bunch of singers/artists and ask if they like them, what songs they play etc.
Movies - Put a bunch of movies and ask if they liked it, who played in it, have they seen it, who was the main character etc.
Sign If - They ask you questions such as 'Did you work all day today' and if you did you sign there.
Sticker - You put one sticker on a page and if they like it they sign on the page. You can also put two stickers on a page and have them pick which one is better.