Friendship Books {FBs}
Friendship Books are a really easy way to meet penpals from all over the world. Everyone who recieves the FB signs it with their name, address, what they like, what they are looking for in a penpal. Some hand sign and some use a label. You can also decorate it some with stickers or rubberstamps. Just don't go overboard, it's not a deco. After you fill it out pass it on to a swapper or a penpal and they will do the same. If you come across a FB that you do not want to sign just put "{Name here} is passing at this time." If you are the last person to sign a FB then please send it back to the owner {You can get the address by usually looking at the cover where it either says FB Made For or FB Made For & By.} or any ICR {I Can Return} You can see if anyone will ICR if they write ICR by their address or label. Then that person will see it gets to the owner of the FB.

When Making FBs
Always include the following when making Friendship Books:

Put FB For On the cover then the person's address you are making it for. Make it readable, as the FB does have to get back to them once it is filled. You may want to put some information about them as well like how old they are, if they are looking for new penpals. But that's only if YOU know. If you don't just put their address.

Don't forget to put on the FB who it was made by. So below where you put FB For & their address put FB By and your address and information. Also you can put if you can ICR {I Can Return} or not. Also put the date on any FB you make. It's easier for some people.

Always remember that if you make an FB for yourself and you do not get it back don't worry, It can sometimes take years {approx. 3} to return back to you.