Decos are Friendship Books but it is decorated with a theme. You can pick any theme from your favorite actor to a bunch of actors. Don't make it too big, 4 pages for atleast 4 people to deco is fine. I wouldn't go over 6.

To make one don't forget:
To include who it is for and made by. If it's for you don't forget to say For & By. You must deco atleast a page also. You can either deco the front and then right all the info on the inside cover or deco the inside cover and write on the front or deco the front cover and write on the front. Make it readable as it does need to go back to the owner after it's filled.

You can use basically anything like lace, glitter, stickers, confetti, pictures. When decoing please always stick to the theme. Also don't forget to always fill a page don't leave it undone. It doesn't have to be perfect, just try.